When it comes to strategic, cutting-edge, here and now PR and marketing prowess, Girl Communications PR Agency is no girl’s blouse. They are current, professional, bionic-speed, proactive, reactive and most importantly – interactive. Do not hesitate to contact the girls to represent your brand or me for additional real-time thoughts.
Henry Roth, Fashion Designer & Media Personality
Girl Communications PR Agency has been a dream-team agency to work with. They worked their magic on Supercharged Food in a PR capacity and the proof really is in the pudding! They were extremely generous with their time and expertise and the results surpassed my expectations. I found them to be enthusiastic, approachable and flexible when it came down to the nuts and bolts of the campaign of which they took ownership, allowing me much needed time to author my books.

Even though we were working to my budget they never failed to go the extra mile and beyond the call of duty to achieve wish-list results. Having my best interests at heart, their creative ideas flowed easily and enthusiastically and their relationships with the media are cemented in stone. At many times the paparazzi were knocking down the door to run features and extracts and we received excellent editorial coverage both nationally and internationally. I would definitely recommend this bespoke agency to anyone looking for great results.

Lee Holmes, Director, SuperCharged Food
Problem: Number plates are pieces of aluminium, screwed to a car. How do you get females to be interested in them – let alone buy them? A PR agency called Girl Communications. At myPlates, our mix of sales coming from male vs female was very skewed to male. Since engaging Girl Communications, our brand positioning and exposure to the female buying market has increased significantly. The girls have been outstanding to work with; the level of professionalism, personalisation and the results delivered have been second to none. I have no hesitation to recommend Girl Communications to anyone wanting to discover the power of the purse.
Gavin Kadwell, Special Number Plates Finance & Commercial Development,
Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales, MyPlates RTA
Juliet Potter is creative, skilful and dedicated. Girl Public Relations Agency offered me personalised attention, business strategy and service and uses its extensive network of experts to create and promote my brand. Girl Communications has successfully shaped and promoted my profile as a sought after charity ambassador, women’s healthy lifestyle mentor, model, blogger and media personality. Knowing that your PR firm is passionate about you and has your best interests at heart builds confidence. I can trust that their enthusiasm and sincere faith in me as a person, and my brand comes through in every interaction they have with the media on my behalf. My charity title as Mrs Australia 2014 swiftly turned into a well-orchestrated public relations campaign that was fun, newsworthy, timely and, most importantly, effective – a goal I would not have been able to achieve on my own, despite my business & design background! I would recommend Girl Communications to anyone who is looking for dedicated professionals who know their way around the media and make you feel like family.
Kate Heussler (nee Johnson), Kate Heussler (nee Johnson), Mrs Australia 2014, kateheussler.com
Kidney Health Australia has really seen the difference in working with Girl Communications. Juliet Potter is dynamic and driven and her team are a delight. The insightful ideas and attention to detail that the team have delivered to us have really cemented our relationship. Girl Communications also have a very strong creative agency feel to them and have developed what will be a major campaign to us. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Brook Miller, National and Corporate Affairs Manager, Kidney Health Australia
Working with Girl Communications is everything I thought it would be. Juliet’s amazing team is an indication of her knowledge and strength as a woman who has experienced many aspects of publicity and marketing. I feel so taken care of and truly cherished and supported to bring my vision to the world.
Scarlett Vespa, Owner & Director, Scarlett Vespa
Being a busy working mum I was struggling to keep up with showcasing our business and missing out on many opportunities. With no PR background myself, I was surprised at how easy I found it to be on the same page as Juliet when discussing our needs with Girl Communications. She was honest and transparent when describing outcomes and how her and her team works. As for results, they have been amazing. Within the time frame that Juliet had outlined we saw a direct increase in sales. Working with Girl Communications PR Agency definitely gives me confidence that we can thrive in such a competitive industry.
Amber Kneipp, Director, Adore Maternity
We worked with Girl Communications for over a year during which time they managed our media relations, retail partner communications, social media strategy and competition promotions. We were really pleased with the results achieved and the exposure we received in many popular magazines such as Woman’s Weekly, New Idea, Who magazine and The Daily Telegraph.
We loved working with the friendly team at Girl Communications and would recommend them to any organisation looking to give their digital media strategy a boost.
James Harris, Founder, Online Shopping USA
Skinvigor8 have been working with PR Agency Girl Communications in order to promote our business since June 2009 and to date,
we have found them to be very professional and results based on their outlook. An added bonus is that they are very warm in their approach, which has made interaction with this company very enjoyable. In the time we have been with them, they have attained a substantial amount of magazine, online and television exposure for us, with the most exciting being our recent segment on A Current Affair which is a direct result of their promotional work. This has given us the exposure to Australia that we really needed and as a result, we have been inundated with enquiries. We strongly recommend Girl Communications as a Public Relations company and cannot speak more highly of them. We recommend them to anyone looking to promote their Business and would be pleased to personally discuss this in more detail should it be required.
Sally Krieger, Owner and Director, SkinVigor8
Girl Communications = WOW. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first engaged Girl Communications as I hadn’t worked with a PR company before,
but all my apprehension has been well and truly allayed. The team is enthusiastic, friendly and very professional. They have taken an innovative approach to getting the word out about Gifts for Blokes and I am delighted with the results so far and look forward to continue working with them in the future.
Heather Winchcomb, Owner & Director, Gifts for Blokes
Girl Communications are very warm, enthusiastic and understanding of the needs of a client and their brand. They have excellent relationships with the media, print, radio and TV. We very much enjoy working with them and with their help, we look forward to continuing to grow our business.
Lisa Hanrahan, Publishing Director, Rockpool Publishing
Juliet Potter casts her wand not only on blokey brands, but over a myriad of different lifestyle clients who require the kind of PR magic only she can deliver. Her decade of online experience gives her a seriously web-savvy edge over her competitors but more importantly, her passion for her clients and her bubbly nature make her a dream to work with.
Tiffany Farrington, Director, Social Diary
After just a few months with Sydney PR agency Girl Communications, we are finding our products featured in some of Australias leading magazines. The girls at Girl Communications are not only PR-savvy and well connected, they are also a delight to work with. We are constantly getting our products out there thanks to Juliet and the team at Girl Communications, they have enabled us to get our products under the noses of some of the most influential stylists and columnists in the country. And guess what? These people love what we do! Thanks so much to everyone at Girl Communications for believing in our products and helping to take our business to the next level.
Bernadette Jorgensen, Owner, Meko Wall Allure
Juliet Potter has detailed knowledge of digital media and the psychology of female consumers and she’s not afraid to challenge delegates to re-think the way they do things. Her analysis is spot on and her prescriptions for the future are well worth listening to; I hope CEOs realise they have a hidden gem right here in Australia!
Glenn Frost, Managing Director, The PR Report /Frocomm
The motor industry is in great need of a female perspective and the insights that Juliet was able to give our salespeople was very well received. I know the delegates at your sales training went away with a better understanding of how the larger portion of their customers think. After talking with them, I have had nothing but positive feedback and many enquiries as to when we will be running a follow up training session. I look forward to seeing you again soon to further educate our front line staff on what women want.
Jeremy Scott, National Sales Manager, Honda Australia
As a new little internet retailing business in a jungle of competition (and among other marketing issues), Girl Communications have shown a strong presence and thorough knowledge and have made me confident in my product Babyrego, personalised pram plates. Girl Communications is very well regarded and it’s all about the founder. Your work ethics and personality are amazing! I’m telling everyone about Girl Communications. It is a fantastic and strong PR firm that knows what they are doing and are very successful at it! Thank you, ladies!
Monika Crennan, Managing Director, Babyrego, www.babyrego.com.au
It was an absolute pleasure working with Girl Communications. Juliet’s proactive approach, dedication, and genuine passion helped to provide me exposure beyond my wildest expectations. She is a master of her profession and knows how to generate quality coverage. I would recommend Girl Communications to anyone.
Piper O'Neill, Mrs Australia International 2015
Our experience with Girl Communications PR Agency has been extremely positive. Girl Communications is a team of get-up-and-go girls ready to take on the world with innovative ideas and PR tactics to capture the attention of, and connect with, great contacts and the media. Thanks to Girl Communications
were able to show off our products to the most influential editors and stylists in Australia. Professional yet friendly, we loved working with Girl Communications. We can highly recommend Juliet and the team for businesses who seek to succeed.
Nina Hurd, Director of Nina & B.
KTAS has worked with PR and marketing agency Girl Communications PR Agency and Juliet Potter in order to better understand the female market in the rebrand of our KTAS centres. Drawing on some of her own personal experiences and insights, Juliet was able to share and illustrate how even the seemingly insignificant elements of customer service can make a real difference to a female’s service experience. Furthermore, Juliet’s ability to demystify and simplify what good customer service really means has enabled us to prioritise our focus and energy on ensuring we consistently deliver on the most critical of customer touch-points.
Tony Skallias, General Marketing Manager, Kmart Tyre and Automotive Service
I have worked regularly with Juliet and the Girl Communications PR Agency over the years and always find them to be extremely helpful and professional. It’s always a joy dealing with PR that know what they’re doing and follow through on what they offer.
Jonathon Moran, The Daily Telegraph
I have called on Juliet from Girl Communications PR Agency numerous times to offer her PR expertise for features and news stories for OK! Magazine. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but she is quick and efficient too. Juliet is now my go-to girl when I am looking for an expert in the PR field!
Olivia O'Brien - Writer, OK! Magazine, Bauer Media
It’s always a pleasure dealing with Juliet Potter and her Girl Communications team. They are professional, efficient and genuinely passionate about their clients.
Sheree Mutton, The Australian Women's Weekly
Not having a background in marketing and researching various companies; I was impressed with how patient and personable Juliet was both initially and ongoing! Without much direction, Juliet made the process fluid and gave integral insight regarding target audience and where we should be in the market. I have no hesitation recommending Juliet and the Girl PR team.
Samantha Taylor, W Cosmetics
Journalists are bombarded by press releases but Girl PR sure knows how to stand out in the crowd. It’s always a pleasure dealing with Juliet, who really understands the fast paced media world and what we need. She’s passionate about her selling her clients and what they have to offer.

Tineka Everaardt , A Current Affair
And finally, to my little pocket rocket, the beautiful Juliet Potter of Girl Communications. WOW! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who is the personification of enthusiasm and motivation. You are electric and people simply glide through life, you Juliet buzz and sparkle. And I absolutely LOVE IT! You’re gorgeous, funny, and one of the nicest people I have ever met.
Rett Tyler, Author
Juliet is, without a doubt, the best PR professional I’ve worked with. Juliet is hardworking, creative, passionate and connected to the right people. We engaged Juliet to help launch our new service and the results were amazing. I would highly recommend Juliet to anyone looking to get their product/service maximum exposure. Thank you, Juliet.
Peter Lord, Best Financial Friend
Juliet is a PR machine! Connected and driven and gets real results. She isn’t just talk. Juliet is the real deal and has secured my events a huge amount of coverage on TV, radio, print media and celebrity endorsement. Trust her to deliver!
Kim Alfeldi, Wedding Agency Co/Event Planner
I work with Juliet on a regular basis. She has an incredible amount of contacts and really knows what a Journo needs!! Thanks for always being wonderful to work with!
Producer, A Current Affair