Project Description

Australia-wide Community Initiative, Creation & Creative, Branding, Website, Strategic PR and Media Plan.

When Girl PR’s Director Juliet Potter bought a used caravan on Facebook, she was excited at the prospect of slowly renovating her, with initial visions of holidays with the kids and housing family and friends on weekends.

Yet what has eventuated has fast become a solution for the epidemic of homelessness and domestic abuse currently facing women across Australia.

Not unfamiliar to women’s issues, Juliet has created White Caravan, an initiative that will see renovated caravans accessed by women leaving toxic or abusive relationships.

With record numbers of Australian women in harmful relationships, they face an agonising dilemma — stay and face more abuse, or leave and face poverty and homelessness. With rent and home prices sky-rocketing, along with limited government funding, there is a massive shortage of accommodation available for women who are desperate to exit, most often with children.

For women who flee domestic abuse, the overall financial statistics are bleak.

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia has found the average superannuation balance for women in 2016 was $68,000 compared to $112,000 for men, while the Workplace Gender Equality Agency estimates Australian women earn, on average, 15.3 per cent less than men.

The Conversation has also reported that only one-third of real estate investors are female.

When you consider women are far more likely to leave the workforce altogether or work part-time or casually as a result of child rearing, it is obvious that women are at a clear financial disadvantage — a problem which is compounded when financial abuse enters the equation.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest Personal Safety Survey found that 38 per cent of women who had experienced emotional abuse from a partner also experienced financial abuse.

According to Women’s Community Shelters, the shortage of temporary accommodation is at critical levels with 1 in 2 women turned away from crisis centers and over 50,000 women homeless every night in Australia.

White Caravan aims to alleviate this shortage of both long and short-term accommodation, along with providing support, resources and hope.