Brand Analysis, Product Placement, Social Media Strategy, Bloggers & Key Influencers, Online Sales, eDM’s, Artwork and Events.

Girl PR Agency’s objective in working with the Charlie Brown brand was to ensure the label was firmly reestablished and viewed as refreshed, relevant and cutting-edge. Fearless by nature, Charlie Brown has never been scared to stand first. Part of Girl PR’s strategy included a brand analysis, a strong digital and social media component, along with focusing on reaching out and engaging with a younger audience to ensure the ongoing longevity of the brand.

Girl PR Agency’s strategy was to refresh and reintroduce the Charlie Brown label, making it relevant and edgy in preparing it for engagement with the next generation of confident, strong, independent and digital savvy women.

Girl PR fostered new relationships with the media and created hype through product placement with key fashion media by way of constant contact and regular invitations to the Girl PR Agency showroom.

Girl PR sounded out cross-promotional initiatives, associations and event opportunities with current and on-trend brands. This included heavy interaction with key bloggers, stylists and key influencers.

The key was not only to increase a PR presence for Charlie Brown but to reintroduce the brand to the new front-line trend makers, primarily by utilising a consistent and strong social media message and campaign along with dedicating our efforts to increasing online exposure in reference to branding and of course in driving traffic to sales on the website.

Our work with the Charlie Brown brand further included –

All aspects of in store marketing and events by working to a set calendar, providing all graphics and brand messages and implementing 2 in-store events per season coordinating with each and every Charlie Brown store and Charlie Brown Myer Concessions;

Coordinating and creating all online and social media marketing and strategies in order to grow our communications, friends, followers, VIP’s and consequently sales;

Showroom media placements for print glossy and online media channels and product placement for identified fashion targets;

Implementing and managing fashion shows and appearances including pop up stores;

Managing international media and growth opportunities for the brand.

Girl PR further oversaw and coordinated the Charlie Brown label launched in Wellington, New Zealand for NZ Fashion Week with subsequent coverage including TV, newsprint and social media coverage.